Crazy, creative, cool ideas revolving around table tennis? – That’s our thing.
The project below dates from 2016 – so maybe not new – but no less thrilling for all that:

Red Bull table tennis table

Red Bull started an upcycling project in cooperation with IED Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan. The result was a special kind of table tennis.

This is Red Bull UpCycling:
Red Bull UpCycling is a creative recycling project. Along with IED students, used items like signs, counters and fridges were revitalised and turned into functional design objects.

An old sign and a steel construction were turned into an original table tennis table in Red Bull style, as you might use in any bar.

We like it!

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Table tennis door, oops, table

Speaking of using everyday items for a different purpose, take a look at this: we found it on IPPINKA’s Instagram account. The IPPINKA team is always on the lookout for fantastic, well-designed products. Their criteria:

Good Design:
•      is functional.
•      is made with high quality.
•      has minimalistic aesthetic design that withstands time.
•      is environmentally-friendly and socially conscious.

The door made it into the portfolio:

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Table tennis action

The following work is not so suitable for the home, but all the more remarkable for that. We discovered it in the Art & Science Journal. This is what it can look like when you capture two seconds of table tennis action in a room installation.

As the artist, Richard Fauguet comments:

“The work is a history, because it tells the story of just a few strokes of imaginary table tennis, of which you have so little consciousness that you’re more consumed with the rules or the thought of who’s winning. But here, the phenomenology of the tock-tick ti-ti-ti is grotesquely monumentalised, leaving no room in the space for any other moment.”

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