In 2007 Liebherr Masters College began as a great vision.

Now in 2019 thanks to the amazing support of our partners and talented players we are a success enterprise. We have achieved what we set out to do. Many of our talented players are seeded in the world ranking list and have improved their rankings – Hugo, for instance, is currently (as per Nov. 2019) in 6th place. However, development is not confined to our players, Liebherr Masters College itself has achieved new heights and we have set ourselves new ambitious goals. Now we have designed a new logo to match:

Our new logo is more modern, clearer and simpler.
“It focuses on the essential elements of the LMC service package: the player is the centre of attention. He is surrounded by semi-circles representing the different teams who encourage, develop and look after our students.” explains Kris Pejinovic, Managing Director LMC.

“We are so impressed by our new look that we have not only included it on our website and business cards, we have also created our own training and tournament collection for our players and coaching teams ;)”.  We’d like to share it with you here. We look forward to your feedback!

„The logo conveys our holistic approach at first glance.“

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