We usually scan the web for thrilling, crazy or awesome activities and projects focusing on our passion for table tennis. Yet sometimes what we’re looking for is right there in front of us. That’s how it was for us with our colleague Charles Castro.

He’s been part of our LMC team since April and manages our website and social media channels. However, Charles is also a great artist and his most recent project definitely puts him into our Beyond TT category. Why?

We simply wanted to add a little colour to our annually Meet & Greet event.

Charles quite literally took us at our word

See for yourselves!

„You can see my roots, my spontaneity and power in my works.“


„I experimented with lots of different materials for working on the tables.“

„I now use acrylic paints and add spray paint.“

„I want my compositions to show power, speed and strategy.“

We say:
“Thanks a lot, Charles, you certainly succeeded 100 per cent!“

© Photos: Charles Castro