An attempt to beat a world record took place on 2 October, 2018 in Cologne.

When BeDifferenTT does the reporting, it usually has something to do with table tennis. This year the Viva con Agua Cologne team wanted to add an extra touch to what has become a tradition, the round-the-table table tennis tournament.

Even before the tournament got underway, they aimed to beat a world record: namely the world’s biggest ever round-the-table match – at a single table tennis table!

Admittedly, we’re not speaking here about the Guinness Book of Records, but an initiative that is much more our style ;): The Alternative Book of Records. The book is a collection of strange, madcap, unbelievable and highly unconventional achievements relating to skill, stamina, strength and agility – the perfect description of BeDifferenTT. 😉

The reigning record was set up by 509 players who met around a table tennis table at Lucerne main train station – Viva from Agua Cologne had in mind to topple them from the throne. And we LMCers were game to help them do it. We came on the scene at fairly short notice, but thanks to our contacts and together with our partner, Cornilleau were able to make a modest contribution by supporting the event with 50 bats. A big thank you again to Cornilleau for that!

Although we really kept our fingers tightly crossed, we just missed beating the world record.

Rundlaufrekordversuch von Viva con Agua in Köln

Mit 510 Menschen wollte die Initiative Viva con Agua in Köln Rundlauf an einem einzigen Tisch spielen, um den Weltrekord zu knacken. Das hat sie zwar leider nicht geschafft, das Event war aber trotzdem sehr cool und hat eine Menge Geld für sauberes Trinkwasser eingebracht! Mehr Infos:

Gepostet von am Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2018

The event really impressed us, though and we’re thinking about launching a similar one in our region. We’ll let you know as soon as there is more to report.

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