You need a curved table, a ball and two to four players – and hey presto you have two new trend sport disciplines. Sounds funny? The name is funny, too: Teqball is when you play table tennis with a football. Teqpong is when you play table tennis at a curved table with a table tennis bat and ball.

In Teqpong not only your physical skills are called for, but also your full concentration and response skills. The curved table ramps up the excitement of the game as it increases the number of different bounce-offs. You have to keep recalculating the angle and can test your responsive abilities.

We think the fun version is thrilling and are in close contact with the Teqball people. We are getting our own table so we can hold matches at our regional events. And, of course, our pros also play against the Teq pros. We’ll keep you posted as who gets the upper hand.

At the end of November the first international Teqpong World Cup even is going to be held in Budapest with awesome prize money of 50,000 US dollars.

The founder of the English table tennis forum „TableTennisDaily“ played a round with Michael Maze at the Teqpong headquarters, watch here: