At least now things are shaping up fairly well… 😉

In May 2018 we launched our crowdfunding campaign:

  • Motto: Road to Tokyo
  • Aim: To create the best possible basis for preparing our talents for the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020
  • Required: EUR 50,000
  • Campaign period 30 days
  • Campaign platform:

How we attracted your support:

EUR 52,990 = 106 percent

We are over the moon – a big thank you to all our supporters!


The remit

We set ourselves a big challenge; we realised that from the start. Especially since the principle of fairplaid, Germany’s largest crowdfunding platform in the sports sector is: “All or nothing.”
However, by 5 July 2018 we had achieved our target, or to put it better: you exceeded it.  We never doubted though that we wouldn’t succeed with you behind us.

How was it possible?

With the huge support of our partners, trainers and students we were able to set up an extensive rewards shop with lots of perks. We even used the Liebherr TTBL finals of our TTF team at the Fraport Arena in Frankfurt to advertise our perks and draw attention to our campaign.
We were on tenterhooks until the last moment, but we did it!

Which perks were popular??

Many of you liked our supporter shirt as a reward for your donation or opted for a training session with one of our students or trainers. After all, it’s not every day you get a chance to train with pros. Many of you took the opportunity to do so.


And again, a gigantic THANK YOU to all our supporters.