The beginning

How did you first get the idea to become a student at Liebherr Masters College (LMC) in Ochsenhausen?

Before I was an LMC student I had some opportunities to take part in training camps with my National Team. After these experiences, I realized LMC was clearly the place where I wanted to move forward with my sports career.

Had you ever heard about Ochsenhausen before?

Yes, I had – because one of my favorite players, Simon Gauzy, was already a member of the Ochsenhausen team, so I started following him and his team’s matches in the Bundesliga.

Where do you live when you are not in Ochsenhausen?

I live in Formia, between Rome and Naples. I live in a training center, so when I’m there I continue the work I do in Ochsenhausen. I dedicate my life to this, so I do it everywhere.

How do your parents feel about your table tennis career?

At the beginning they weren’t all that excited – and even now, but they want me to be happy, so if I choose to do this, they’ll support me. They will support me no matter what.

“In table tennis you are the only protagonist, and when you win, you feel so much proud of yourself and your work and this is the best path for me.”


The training

What is the fascination of table tennis for you?

I played football for 6 years, and when I won, the win wasn’t only mine and I didn’t feel so satisfied. In table tennis you are the only protagonist, and when you win, you feel so much proud of yourself and your work and this is the best path for me.

What is special for you about being a student at LMC?

I find it very stimulating and tough, exactly as I expected it to be; that’s why I find it pleasant, because it is what I want to do, and what I want my future to be like. I feel honored to have trained with some of the best players in Europe and in the whole world. We have practice twice a day, three hours during the morning session, and three during the afternoon one. Additionally, the hall is always available to have extra training sessions, and almost every day we have a physical fitness session in the hall or in the “Body Fitness Gym,” as well. What I like most is the opportunity to learn from my mates and coaches and notice immediate improvements, even during practice.

What motivates you to become a table tennis professional?

Table tennis is my passion, and I have the best chance to try to become a great player, I think it’s the best thing a guy can wish for. There are a lot more reasons: my sacrifice, the sacrifice of my family of being far from me, and other little things – but big reasons.
I want to become a great player – so to live and play in Ochsenausen and in the Bundesliga. This is my dream, but my goal, as well.

Something more personal

If you could be a famous person (it doesn’t matter if a real or a fictitious one)… Who would you like to be and why?

Normally, I would choose Cristiano Ronaldo because he’s the best player in my favorite sport and he gets a lot of girls. But maybe I would choose my favorite player: Paulo Dybala; because he is the idol of every Juventus (my favorite team) supporter. And he also gets plenty of girls…

What do you do in your free time?

I follow football very closely. I like watching TV series and I love going out with my friends. In Ochsenhausen I like eating Italian ice cream and pizza – to avoid missing home too much. If I could change something in Ochsenhausen, it would certainly be the weather: I’m used to the Sardinian climate and not to Ochsenhausen’s freezing temperatures!

How does the pizza in Ochsenhausen taste?

Pizza is very good, but to be honest, is very far from an Italian one.

What about friendships at LMC?

I bonded a bit more with some guys, Bertrand and Jouti for example, who stay there full time; in my same project there is also Katsman, one of my great friends and double partner in EYC 2016. Sometimes, mostly when we have rest time, we enjoy an ice cream together, also with the guys who come for training camps. Generally, everybody is very humble and kind: for example, once I went to have a pizza alone, and some of my older mates, who arrived later, just came over and sat with me at my table and we ate all together. I really appreciated that.

Beside table tennis, do you have any other talents?

Like I said before, I played football for six years, and I was quite a good player. My friends ask me every day why I stopped playing.

What was your answer?

To be honest, I don’t really remember why. I think because I prefer individual sports and “I want all the glory for myself”.

This is what andro says...

Carlo is also a clever guy who works very persistently to achieve his goals and invests a lot in to achieve them. He already had a strong winning system in his early years and has a great overview of the game. Watching Carlo at the table is great fun.

Adam and Carlo are a great fit for our andro Pro Team, because for us – apart from potential and professionalism – people also play a huge role. In all three points, Adam and Carlo are both smash hits.

Carlo in 3 words:

  • smart
  • hardworking
  • talented