The beginning

How did you first get the idea to become a student at Liebherr Masters College (LMC) in Ochsenhausen?

When I was 15 years old, I was invited to a training camp in Ochsenhausen and I really enjoyed the week I spent there, so I wanted to go back if I ever had the opportunity. In addition, I knew that it’s a strong club in the Bundesliga and that there is a strong training group.

What were the requirements for going back to Ochsenhausen?

I wanted to finish secondary school before going back to Ochsenhausen and I also needed a sponsor for financial support to go back.

How did you finally become a student at LMC?

3 years ago, Daniel Zwickl said to me that I have the chance to join the LMC group. I was very happy to have the opportunity to train in Ochsenhausen – so I agreed to join.

How much time do you spend at the LMC per year?

I spend 70% of my time at the LMC. Most of the time, I’m at tournaments and fortunately I can also find time for my girlfriend, family and friends in Hungary.

Do you miss anything during your stay in Ochsenhausen?

I just miss people who are close to me from Hungary but I like Ochsenhausen very much.

What do your parents think of your table tennis career?

They support me in my table tennis career.

“It’s special for me because I think we are a little bit like a family and we stick together.”


The training

What is the fascination of table tennis for you?

That we can do so many different things with the ball, many different spins and movements how we put the ball on the table. That’s absolutely fascinating.

How do you feel about the training at LMC?

The training is very hard and very good and I feel that I have improved a lot since I have been part of this group. It’s special for me because I think we are a little bit like a family and we stick together. We practice 2 times a day for 2.5 hours, plus physical and individual sessions. I like table tennis a lot and individual parts – and the hardest is the physical part.

What motivates you to become a table tennis professional?

I really enjoy competing and winning.

Something more personal

What do you do in your free time?

I watch series or read books most of the time when I have some leisure time. I like that fact that it’s very peaceful but would be nice if there were some more opportunities for shopping or restaurants.

What about friendships at LMC?

The relationship between the players is very good. We often do some activities together apart from table tennis, as well.

If you could be a famous person (it doesn’t matter if a real or a fictitious one)… Who would you like to be and why?

I wouldn’t want to be anybody else.

What are your three favourite apps?

My favourite apps are WhatsApp and Instagram because they allow me to stay in touch with my friends.

Besides table tennis, do you have any other talents?

No, not really. Table tennis is what I am really good at.

This is what andro says...

Adam is a very smart guy who is part of a whole generation of talented players who want to take Hungarian table tennis to the highest ranks. Regular upward progress demonstrates the potential he has. 

Adam and Carlo are a great fit for our andro Pro Team, because for us – apart from potential and professionalism – people also play a huge role. In all three points, Adam and Carlo are both smash hits.

Adam in 3 words:

  • intelligent
  • modest
  • professional